Tuesday 30th January 2018 CrossFit Smash

Recovery WOD.

30 min AMRAP - not for a score, just for quality 

  • 8 leg raises (pull up bar) - slightly bent, don't lean back, think strict toes to bar but not as high
  • 10 each side - landmine rotations (see video below)
  • 10 V-ups
  • 5 each arm kettlebell strict press - come into a full front rack, where your forearm and chest touch
  • :30 seconds rower\bike - moderate pace

There's been some big WODs this week, this is a recovery workout designed to go slow and work on some accessory movements.

If you have missed some of the WODs leading in feel free to go harder and faster, keep in mind that these are skill movements — hard and fast doesn't translate to wild and loose. Speed is dictated by form.

Greg Fraser