Saturday 27th October 2018 CrossFit Smash

In house comp today

** Those that want to come for 8 or 9am classes in PHILLIP ONLY, come in at the normal times and we can slot you in for a workout**

NB - City will be closed for regular classes classes

COMP - 8 am to 12pm (at the latest)

Workouts 1 and 2 in Phillip

Workout 3 in the City

On October 27 we are going to run a friendly in-house PARTNER competition at Smash Phillip.
It's going to be a comp where athletes form both SMASH locations will be able to bond and have a fun and sweaty morning. Snacks will be provided and we are going to finish the day with some drinks at a place which will be announced later on.

From tomorrow you will find a list in both gyms where you can register your team or, if you can't find a partner just put your name on the list and we will help you to find one.
No divisions; this means that all Smashletes will be able to participate regardless the fitness level. The workouts will be designed to suit everyone's skills.

Same gender pairs or mixed pairs will be allowed and will participate in the same division. We hope to see everyone that day.

If you need any more information ask your coach.

Stay strong!!!

Greg Fraser