Saturday 17th February 2018 CrossFit Smash

Partner WOD

your score is combined partner calories for the rower and the bike

A. 2 sets of 4 intervals, alternating A1 / A2, Rest 5-minutes between sets
A1. 90 second AMRAP

10 DB Power clean  22.5/15kg, 2 DBs
10 Burpee over the DB
10 Toes to bar
Max calorie Row

Rest 90-seconds before A2

A2. 90 second AMRAP
10 Push jerk  62/43kg
10 Bar facing burpee
10 sit ups
Max calorie Assault bike

Rest 90-seconds before A1

Partner 1 performs A1, Partner 2 rests then Partner 2 performs A1, Partner 1 rests

move to A2

Partner 1 performs A2, Partner 2 rests then Partner 2 performs A2, Partner 1 rests

repeat that one more time through then rest 5 mins. You should have completed 4 total intervals and 4 rest periods 

then you guessed it - go through again

Greg Fraser