Membership Agreement

CrossFit Smash Phillip and City gyms


1.      Use of Premises – The Premises include Shops 6 and 7, 7 London Circuit Canberra City, and 18-20 Colbee Court Phillip, ACT ; and the surrounding areas and, any location we provide Services. 

2.      Use of Membership – You are the only person who is allowed to use your Membership.  Your Membership is not transferrable, unless the Head Coach allows your Membership to be transferred and provides confirmation of this in writing; this will only occur in exceptional circumstances.

3.      Payment of Fees – You must pay fees as agreed above (the cost of the Services).  If you fail to pay fees within 14 days of those fees becoming due, we reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of 12% on any outstanding amount and/or to terminate your Membership.  Termination of your Membership in no way removes your obligation to pay us any outstanding amounts.

4.      Medical – You warrant that you are in good physical condition or that you have provided us with all relevant information regarding any physical condition relevant to you.  It is your responsibility to provide us with all relevant medical information including your medical history and any applicable restrictions, whether or not we request this information. Where appropriate we may require a medical certificate from a medical professional prior to continuing your training sessions.

5.      Acknowledgement of Risk and Release – We are supplying recreational services.  You acknowledge that engaging us to provide the Service/s and/or using the Premises/facilities and the equipment carries a risk that you may suffer physical injury or death.  You agree to assume those risks and in consideration of accepting your application for membership, you release us from any liability for any physical injury or death suffered by you or any guest incurred during or as a result of engaging in the Service/s provided by us or using the equipment, facilities or the Premises (unless the injury is incurred as a result of our gross negligence). It is your responsibility to ensure that you correctly operate or use any equipment and/or facilities provided by us, including the adjustment of levels or settings on the equipment.  If you are in any doubt as to how to correctly operate the equipment or facilities, you should consult a member of our staff before use.

Policies and Procedures – You agree to familiarise yourself and comply with any gym and training rules and any policies and procedures (‘Rules’).  We may vary these Rules from time to time and you are required to comply with any variations.  You also agree to comply with any guidance and directions issued by us.  Failure to comply with our Rules or directions may result in the immediate termination of your membership.  If we terminate your membership, you remain liable to pay any moneys outstanding for the Period

1.      Conduct – You must conduct yourself in a manner that ensures your own safety and the safety of others.  You must also conduct yourself in a manner consistent with other Members’ comfort.  Any conduct we deem to be misconduct (including the inappropriate/unsafe use of equipment or offensive gestures/language) may result in the immediate termination of your membership (noting that you will remain liable to pay us any moneys outstanding for the Period).

2.      Acceptable Attire – You must wear appropriate attire at the Premises, such as closed shoes, shorts or pants and a shirt or singlet at all times.  For clarification, thongs, any open footwear and jeans etc are not acceptable attire.

3.      Age – Persons under the age of 16 are not permitted to train on the Premises at any time.

4.      Children – Formal childcare is not provided however in certain circumstances supervision of children will be provided. In such circumstances you remain responsible for ensuring the heath, safety and wellbeing of your child/ren and you will be required to attend to your children where necessary.

5.      Personal Belongings –You agree that we are not responsible for and you release us from any liability for the loss, damage or theft of any of your personal belongings left on the Premises.

6.      Termination – Should you wish to terminate your Membership you will need to provide 30 days notice in writing to either  greg@crossfitsmash.com.au or bernie@crossfitsmash.com.au

7.      Survivorship – These terms and conditions and any Policies and Procedures survive the membership period and termination of this or any future contract.


We will not share your personal information (data) with third parties without your consent.