We have a range of class times to suit your schedule. For the early birds - our first class is at 5.30 am. Prefer a sleep in? Come to a lunch time or evening class.

Get fit. Get strong. Get into Smash.


Workout of the day

Our Workout of the Day (WOD) is our traditional CrossFit class—a broad mix of strength training, functional gymnastics and conditioning exercises. 

Programmed for intensity and scalable for all levels, you're guaranteed to get a great workout regardless of your fitness level.

Classes start with a thorough warm-up, a demonstration of the workout and we finish with a cool down stretch.

Open gym

The gym is yours, work on a skill, get in that extra strength session, practice some technique work or catch up on a workout.

Coaches are there to guide and help you as you workout on your own terms.


A structured strength class, we run through movements and weightlifting complexes that are designed to improve your snatch, clean and jerk, squatting and pulling movements. Slower paced than WODs, this is a chance to focus on honing your weightlifting technique.

Gymnastic and mobility

Time to improve your core strength and get bendy. The first half of the class is dedicated to gymnastics movements to strengthen and develop the fundamentals.

We finish with some mobility to release hips and shoulders, to improve your movement and de-load after a week of training.